What do we see in the Insight response screen?

1. When you enter the Insight response screen, you see the insight response of the individual respondent.

In-depth answer screen - single question

2. In the upper right corner, you can see the Survey metrics, where the following information is collected:

  • Start time of the research
  • Time when the research ended
  • Answering mode, that is whether the survey is anonymous or individual
  • Channel name

In-depth response screen

3. In the following section you can see the following information:

  • Questionnaire Index summary – this is the median index for the entire survey

4. Form score, which is the score for those questions that were assigned a point value

  • Average single response time
  • Time to complete the form, that is the total time to complete the form

In-depth answer screen - single question

5. Below you can see each of the questions on the form, where you can see:

  • the content of the question
  • the answer given
  • number of approaches to the answer
  • indexes: conscientiousness, decisiveness, concentration

6. Next to the indexes you can see the events:

  • Opening a question
  • Giving an answer
  • Underneath, you can see a timeline through which it is possible to visualize the movement of the mouse while answering a question.

7. On the screen of each answer you can also see the option to enlarge the screen and the option to enable or disable two additional parameters. These are:

  • cursor path, which is a visualization of the respondent’s answering process.
  • as well as time on the object, which determines how long the mouse cursor stays on the field of a given answer.