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Find out why the employee decided to leave.

  • Find out the reasons why employees leave! The Exit Interview survey is a valuable source of information that can help you identify problems or dissatisfaction that may be contributing to high staff turnover. Based on it, you can make changes to increase employee engagement, improve working conditions and meet their needs.
  • Identify areas for improvement! Analyzing the responses from Exit Interview surveys can reveal specific areas where the organization may need to improve. These could be issues related to management, communication, professional development, compensation or workplace atmosphere.
  • Build a positive image! Employees who have been subjected to an Exit Interview may rate the organization positively for taking their opinions into account and caring about their experience. This can contribute to building a positive employer image and attracting better candidates to the organization in the future.

Get to know Vivelio and find out what data you will see when analyzing respondents' answers!

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Special features:

  • Learn the voice of departing employees with behavioral indexes.
  • Identify areas of dissatisfaction with statistical survey results.
  • Share the results of your work, with an easy and fast reporting system.
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How to prepare a survey?

Here are some tips that might be useful when creating your original questionnaire:

  1. Choose an Insight type of survey.
  2. It’s a good idea to find out the employee’s opinion in many areas – divide the questionnaire into parts to make it easier to analyze the data.
  3. The most important thing here will be index analysis – there is no need to set scores.
  4. In this questionnaire, it will be important to give voice to departing employees – so multiple-choice questions, or descriptive questions, will work well.

Do you have special requirements? Get in touch with us! We will be happy to learn about your needs and prepare a personalised offer for you as part of the Enterprise Package!

Frequently asked questions

How to create a question with a descriptive value answer?

To create a question with a descriptive value answer, in the questionnaire creation screen, select the “Add question” option, and then choose “Metrics” in the “Answer type” field.

How to create a multiple-choice question?

To create a multiple-choice question, in the questionnaire creation screen, select the “Add question” option, and then choose “multiple choice” in the “Answer type” field.

Where will I see the aggregate statistics of the survey?

To see the statistics of the survey, go to the survey screen, then select the ,,See more” option, visible at the top of the screen.

In what formats can I download the results?

You can download survey results in formats: CSV and XLSX.

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