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How it works?


Carry out a Survey

  • Prepare your survey counter
  • Create or use templates – as you wish
  • Collect more than just answers

Visualize it

  • Monitor results in real time also via mobile app
  • Reach for ready-made reports or develop your own – as you wish
  • Share your results

Deep Dive Into

  • Get into additional layers of responses
  • Use behavioral indexes or define them yourself – as you wish
  • Work in collaboration with teams
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Explore our solutions

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Vivelio Team

Vivelio Team works well for recruitment, enables monitoring of employee satisfaction, detects the risk of burnout at an early stage, and enables the discovery of hidden talent! A survey platform using Vivelio Behavioral Intelligence improves HR processes such as:

  • recruitment processes,
  • assessment of employee motivation and commitment,
  • management of competence potential.
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Vivelio Experience

Vivelio Experience – build your competitive advantage with an innovative survey tool. Incorporate Vivelio Behavioural Indexes into your market, product or customer satisfaction reports, gaining additional information on the way people respond. Use the tool in your preparation:

  • market and opinion research,
  • customer satisfaction questionnaires,
  • brand awareness surveys.
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Vivelio Science

Vivelio Science opens up a new dimension in survey-based research, especially in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, sociology or medical studies. Gain additional insights from your research with behavioral indexes. Take advantage of artificial intelligence by conducting:

  • questionnaire-based research,
  • assessment of the impact of selected factors on the behavioral layer,
  • predictive analysis in psychometric studies.
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Gain more information from your survey by accessing in-depth responses.

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