How do you keep your team efficient high?

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Currently, more and more companies are facing the challenge of continuously improving the quality of their services and enhancing team efficiency. Customers demand meeting increasingly higher standards, expecting shorter delivery times and more competitive prices. Meanwhile, investors expect increased profits, which require constant improvement of efficiency in every area of operation. How can you contribute to the productivity growth of your employees? Check it out.


The impact of changes in the job market on team efficiency


Work efficiency has become a key element of success. It’s not just about productivity but rather the ability to perform the right actions in the right way. It is the ability to achieve intended goals while minimizing resource consumption. This means the ability to attract the right customers, effectively converting them into transactions, and maintaining the highest quality while simultaneously increasing productivity.

In business, there is no longer room for compromises. To meet the growing expectations of the market, companies must focus on increasing productivity. This is a task not only for managers but for the entire team. Collaborative work on improving processes, eliminating unnecessary friction points, and effectively utilizing resources are crucial to maintaining competitiveness in the business environment.


How to maintain high team efficiency?


Key is understanding that efficiency is not a one-time achievement but a process of continuous improvement. To maintain high team efficiency in the face of changes in the job market, companies should take the following actions:

  • Offer attractive working conditions to employees: Companies must ensure that employees feel valued and satisfied with their work.
  • Invest in employee development: Organizations should provide opportunities for professional development so that employees can acquire new skills and knowledge.
  • Build a positive organizational culture: Companies face the challenge of creating an organizational culture that supports collaboration, communication, and problem-solving.
  • Implement flexible forms of work: Flexible forms of work, such as remote or hybrid work, can help employees maintain a balance between professional and personal life.
  • Implement soft skills’ development programs: Soft skills development programs can help employees develop the necessary skills to work in changing conditions.
  • Implement mentoring programs: Mentoring programs are crucial in helping younger employees gain knowledge and experience from more experienced colleagues.


To ensure the continuity of this process, companies should focus not only on specific actions but also on building a sustainable and supportive work environment where employees feel engaged, appreciated, and ready to achieve success together. This holistic approach is key to maintaining the team at a higher level of productivity.

Team engagement survey


In the process of improving team effectiveness, it is also essential to monitor progress, analyze results, and provide a fair assessment of achievements. Full utilization of the potential of conducted surveys goes beyond just a detailed analysis of a few questions. It involves using advanced survey tools, such as the Vivelio platform, which, in addition to standard analysis, allows the use of various behavioral indicators.

The decision-making path that survey participants follow, answering survey questions, provides additional information that can significantly impact the interpretation of obtained data. Therefore, it is worth investing time and resources in monitoring the quality and pace of team development at all levels. Want to know more? Check out our other posts on team development by clicking here.