How to effectively manage talent in an organization?

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Recognizing the unique qualities of employees is the basis of the talent management process. It should be remembered that qualified and committed employees are first and foremost an opportunity for the development of the company and the services it provides. Achieving a competitive advantage over other market players is possible mainly by taking advantage of the unique qualities of team members. Wondering how to effectively manage talent in your organization? Read on to learn how to maximize the potential of your employees and discover their unique talents.


Identifying employee talent – How do you identify your team’s talents?


Identifying the main talents and advantages of an organization’s employees is a time-consuming process. Observation and drawing conclusions, despite high efficiency, does not exclude the error of a distorted picture created by the observer. Therefore, survey tools are used to identify talent in the organization. These tools actively promote a robust classification system for the provided responses and facilitate an impartial evaluation through the utilization of custom questionnaires. These questionnaires serve as the foundation for identifying and categorizing the distinctive attributes of employees.


Vivelio survey system – The role of surveys in identifying team talent


Vivelio, an advanced survey tool, can play a key role in this process. With Vivelio’s survey system, an organization can conduct an internal survey to identify employees with unique skills and potential. Employees completing surveys have the opportunity to share their successes, achievements and career aspirations. Based on the information collected, Vivelio provides analysis and reports to help identify talent within the organization.


Individual development path – How to effectively support team development?


Once potential talents are identified, the key is to provide their holders with appropriate development paths. This is where a survey system comes to the rescue, which makes it possible to evaluate the consistent development plans created by the HR team for each talent. Survey tools make it possible to determine employees’ attitudes toward the development goals selected, the training and courses set by the HR team, and methods for tracking progress. With Vivelio, talent development management becomes more systematic and effective.


Talent in the organization vs. mentoring and coaching


An important aspect of effective talent management is mentoring and coaching. By selecting an employee’s key talents, choosing tools that facilitate the establishment and maintenance of mentoring and coaching relationships is much simpler. Employees can choose mentors who can help them develop their skills and achieve their career goals. Working with experienced mentors can accelerate talent development and provide support at critical times.


How to leverage the talents of your team?


The final element of effective talent management is honest evaluation and feedback. Survey systems such as Vivelio allow you to conduct regular evaluations and feedback of your entire team, which are key to employee development. This evaluation can take place by having members of the department fill out a short questionnaire, while also helping to gratify deserving employees. With survey tools, managers can make an honest assessment of talent’s progress and provide constructive feedback. Want to know more? Click here to go to our article on employee surveys and their contribution to building a strong team.