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Streamline the recruitment process using modern technology

  • Acquire additional information! Surveys can provide recruiters with additional information about candidates that is not necessarily found in traditional application documents, such as resumes and cover letters. Through surveys, you can explore skills, preferences, motivations, career goals and other relevant aspects about candidates.
  • Harmonize the recruitment process! Conducting surveys allows you to standardize the recruitment process. Recruiters can prepare a set of questions that they ask all candidates, making it easier to compare their answers. Standardizing the process ensures fairness and equality to all candidates.
  • Assess skills and match them to requirements! Surveys can be used to assess candidates’ skills in a more structured way. Recruiters can design questions that focus on the specific skills required for a position. This allows them to compare candidates more effectively and assess their fit with the job requirements.
  • Manage your time better! Conducting surveys allows you to gather information from candidates in a time- and location-independent manner. Recruiters can review responses at their convenience, saving time that would normally be spent conducting individual interviews.
  • Improve the recruitment process! Analyzing survey results can provide recruiters with valuable feedback on the recruitment process. Candidate responses can reveal strengths and weaknesses in the way recruiting is conducted, allowing you to make improvements and improve the process in the future.
  • Build a positive image! Conducting surveys and incorporating candidate feedback into the recruitment process can help build a positive image of the organization. This sends a signal that the employer cares about the opinion of candidates, takes into account their needs and puts a premium on transparency in the recruitment process.

Get to know Vivelio and find out what data you will see when analyzing respondents' answers!

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Special features:

  • Get an additional layer of answers that tell you how a candidate behaved when answering and get a more complete picture with Vivelio’s Behavioral Indices.
  • Get objective data from which to decide on a candidate based on a comparison of their attitudes under the same conditions!
  • Create surveys to determine a candidate’s knowledge, turning the survey into a knowledge test, thanks to the ability to award points to individual answers!
  • Make decisions faster with candidate response data presented ready for further analysis.
  • Streamline the recruitment process with feedback from candidates on how they feel about the recruitment process.
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