Employee survey and good team building

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Building a team is one of the biggest challenges for any company. An employee survey is an extremely important tool in this process. Why? The answer is simple: an employee survey allows managers to learn about employees’ opinions on the company, their work, and the team they work with. As a result, managers can understand the needs of employees and the problems they face on a daily basis.

To ensure that the information collected in surveys is reliable, it is important to ensure that as many people as possible participate in filling them out. One important aspect is to ensure the anonymity of the survey, so that employees can freely express their opinions. You can read about proven methods for increasing engagement in survey completion HERE.


3 principles that facilitate team building:

1.Determine the goal!

Consider what the team’s work should achieve. Then consider what competencies and talents are useful for achieving this goal.

2. Discover inherent talents!

Skills and knowledge can be checked much more easily. It is more difficult to discover talents, as we often do not realize that we have them. However, these talents are the key to effective team building, as they can be the missing link or a competitive advantage.

3. Divide the tasks!

Defining the goal and discovering talents may not be enough. It is necessary to divide tasks in such a way as to achieve a synergistic effect. This means that the talents and actions of team members overlap, ensuring effective operation.


Build a team based on knowledge and modern tools.

It is worth noting that thanks to modern tools such as Vivelio, employee surveys can provide much more information than just simple answers to questions about job satisfaction. Vivelio is an innovative, artificial intelligence-based survey system. Its biggest distinguishing feature is providing behavioral data, i.e., information about the behavior of respondents while completing the survey. This is an additional layer of information that changes the way survey results are analyzed.

Thanks to the analysis of behavioral indicators, Vivelio allows for the discovery of employee preferences or thinking patterns. This information is extremely important for managers, who can build a team based on each employee’s individual preferences. This approach to work allows for the creation of a team where each employee feels appreciated and can use their skills in the most effective way. Additionally, this approach allows for a better understanding of the relationships between employees and the impact of organizational culture on their behavior.

In summary, an employee survey is an essential tool for building a well-balanced team. It allows managers to understand employees’ needs and problems, and the analysis of behavioral indicators allows for the creation of a team based on each employee’s individual preferences. Analyzing this data allows for better HR actions that align with the company’s goals. This is a tool that every company should use to ensure a well-balanced and satisfied team.