How to increase engagement with employee satisfaction surveys?

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Completing an employee satisfaction survey is crucial for an effective HR policy within a company. Unfortunately, it is often the case that employees are not very interested in completing surveys and the results do not reflect their true feelings and opinions. This can lead to incomplete or erroneous information for management. In this article, we will outline some proven ways to increase employee engagement in completing satisfaction surveys.


Why are satisfaction rating surveys important for companies?

Employee satisfaction surveys provide valuable feedback to companies on their HR policies, organisational culture and employee morale. This information can be used to make changes that lead to increased productivity, reduced employee turnover and a more positive organisational culture.


5 ways to increase employee engagement in completing surveys.

There are several ways to encourage employees to complete satisfaction surveys:

  1. Explain the purpose of the survey – before conducting the survey, explain to employees why the survey is needed, the benefits it will bring to the company and the impact it will have on their work. Do not ask questions that serve no purpose!
  2. Ensure anonymity – employees need to feel that their answers are anonymous and will not affect their future at the company. It is worth taking steps such as using external survey providers, keeping survey results confidential and communicating the importance of confidentiality to employees.
  3. Give a sense of empowerment – learn from previous surveys and. let employees know which actions in the company follow these surveys. Be precise and specific in your information and you will quickly find that many employees will take advantage of this communication opportunity.
  4. Ensure ease of access – surveys should be easily accessible to employees. You can post them on your intranet site, send them by email or make them available via a mobile app.
  5. Tailor questions to employees’ needs – do you know what you want to ask? That’s not all! It may be the case, some of the questions in the survey arouse mental resistance. Or perhaps they have not been clearly formulated? You can easily avoid such mistakes by using Vivelio survey platform. This tool collects this kind of information about question abandonment, focus or confidence through Vivelio Behavioral Indexes. This allows you to tailor your survey questions to be even more effective in collecting valuable information from employees.

When employees are more engaged in the process of completing surveys, the results are more accurate and reflect their true feelings and opinions. This can lead to more effective changes in HR policies and organisational culture.



Employee satisfaction surveys are an essential tool in human resources management. When carried out properly, they can contribute to increasing employee involvement in the life of the company and improving work efficiency.

In order to achieve positive results in surveys, several key aspects need to be kept in mind. Proper preparation of the questionnaire, guaranteeing the anonymity of respondents, carrying out verification of results and using tools such as Vivelio Behavioral Indexes could be helpful.

By taking the right approach to employee satisfaction surveys, we can gain valuable information about the needs and expectations of our employees. This will allow us to better understand their behavior and take effective action.