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How it works?


Carry out a Survey

  • Prepare your survey counter
  • Create or use templates – as you wish
  • Collect more than just answers

Visualize it

  • Monitor results in real time
  • Reach for ready-made reports or develop your own – as you wish
  • Share your results

Deep Dive Into

  • Get into additional layers of responses
  • Use behavioral indexes or define them yourself – as you wish
  • Work in collaboration with teams
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Employee surveys

Find out what really motivates employees! Find out what the pulse of the team is! Give employees the opportunity to express their opinions and participate in the decision-making process. Openness to their feedback will contribute to increased engagement at work, a sense of shared responsibility for the organisation’s performance and create a positive image of the company among potential candidates.

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Customers research

Learn about customer preferences! Research the market, test new products and check the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns! With these, you will better understand your customers, the market and adapt your offer to them! Optimise costs, streamline company processes and win customer trust in your company. Act on the basis of reliable data and make strategic decisions with greater certainty.

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Scientific research

Benefit from previously unknown layers of information in your questionnaire surveys, manage your time effectively! Find out that data collection does not have to be a time-consuming and tedious process!

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Gain more information from your survey by accessing in-depth responses.

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Our partners

Jagiellonian University Medical College

In an effort to streamline the process, we decided to try a survey tool – Vivelio. Its greatest advantage is the ability to reconstruct the decision path of respondents thanks to behavioral indexes. This caught our attention, as we had not found a similar tool on the market.

We found that the answers provided, combined with accurate analysis, indeed guarantee high confidence in the data received. This allows for a better assessment of recruits from the very beginning of conducting the process. We rate the cooperation with the Vivelio team very highly. The company, with its experience and high flexibility towards our expectations, contributed significantly to the final success. Advantageous cooperation with the Vivelio team makes us strongly recommend using this tool.

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Chris Kozak



Vivelio’s team accompanied us throughout the entire process. From the delivery and consultation of the questionnaire, to any questions already in the survey stage. The team was attentive to our company’s experience while using the tool, and every inquiry about functionality and suggestions for possible improvements were received with great gratitude and readiness to explore the possibility of their implementation.


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Martyna Goździuk



Cooperation with the Vivelio team was conducted at the highest level. Efficient communication, great flexibility in adapting to our needs and technical support deserved special mention. The response to questions that arose and the need for support in various aspects was immediate. Thanks to the assistance of the Vivelio team, the survey was conducted efficiently and transparently for the respondents. Nivalit staff created a personalized survey for us, helped with the technical aspects of conducting the survey, and prepared a report with analytical findings from the survey.

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Adam Piekara

Executive vice president


Vivelio is an amazing survey tool! I am pleased with the results of our customer satisfaction survey. What’s more, the tool also provided us with valuable behavioral data that expanded our ability to analyze the results.

The Vivelio team are professionals who were with us from the beginning to the end of the first survey. Always available, they responded quickly and made the entire experience seamless.

I would confidently recommend Vivelio to any company looking for a modern consumer survey tool! Thanks to Vivelio, Useme was able to obtain valuable information and understand the opinion of our customers in an efficient and professional manner.

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Natalia Zielińska

Head of Marketing


The cooperation with the Vivelio team went very well. They served their knowledge and experience by assisting us in creating the questionnaire. We also highly appreciate their approach to the client. In a very short period of time they were able to introduce the new functionality we asked for into the system so that the survey would serve its purpose even better.

Mariusz Potępa


INKO Consulting

The cooperation with Vivelio went off without a hitch. Maciej Wszółkowski, responsible for the pilot processes, was extremely quick to respond, and our cooperation was seamless. Vivelio’s tool proved extremely valuable during the recruitment process, and we are confident that it can be useful in other industries as well.


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Bartosz Szajkowski



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