How to create questions in the Flows window?

1. To add a new question in the ,,Flows” window, click the ,,+” button visible in the upper left corner.

How to add a question in the transition window - tutorial

2. A field for a new question will appear. By hovering over it with the mouse, you can see the following options:

  • marking the question as mandatory to answer
  • transitions – a place to create connections between answers ( from which answers come out)
  • editing of the question
  • deleting the question.

3. To enter its content, select the editing option, and then:

  • enter the content of the question
  • specify the type of answer
  • determine whether the answer is required
  • set the “Score logic”
  • optionally, make a label selection (this function applies only to the logic of scoring – the sum of labels and the average of labels)
  • enter the value of the obtained score
  • enter the answer

4. In the “Advanced Settings” section you will also find a field for entering additional question content.