Survey of knowledge of procedures at INKO Consulting

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    INKO Consulting Sp. z o.o. is a Polish consulting and engineering company that was founded in 2007. The company offers full management and supervision of infrastructure projects in the field of communications. The company has had oversight of various projects, including the construction of two sections of the A-4 highway between Tarnów and Debica and Rzeszów and Jaroslaw, the S7 expressway in the Krakow area, and two sections of the S17 expressway between Garwolin and Kurow.


    Research area


    At INKO Consulting Sp. z o.o., a study was carried out on the verification of the qualifications and competence of employees after changes in the area of standards and procedures within the company. This was an extremely important study, since knowledge of procedures at INKO is and had to remain at the highest level. This is a key aspect for companies operating in the field of construction supervision.




    The survey examined employees’ knowledge of the company’s core business areas and knowledge of intra-company standards, which had been introduced several months before the survey was conducted. The change in regulations was related to the adaptation of company processes to the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10.

    The survey was conducted to the client’s full satisfaction. Respondents demonstrated high quality knowledge and experience, which further confirmed the CEO’s claim that the changes and processes introduced were effective.


    Questionnaire preparation


    During the creation of the survey, support was provided by the Vivelio team, which the client could contact at any time for additional information or assistance in creating the questionnaire. New functionalities were introduced into the system at the client’s request, which further influenced the quality of the survey.




    The company’s CEO wanted a reliable assessment of the state of familiarity with the new regulations, and Vivelio made this fully possible. Thanks to the use of behavioral indexes and the ability to view the decision path of the respondent, the client received a full insight into the results of the test conducted, and the details of its conduct.

    Thanks to the conducted test, it was possible to determine the state of knowledge necessary for the company and the level of familiarity with the standard among employees. The client was given the opportunity to identify potential areas that might require further training or changes to the content of procedures. The section on the content of internal standards included questions that every employee would be able to hear during the audit. The survey made it possible to pinpoint for employees what is knowledge that each of them needs to have.




    The CEO of INKO Consulting Sp. z o.o. singled out Vivelio’s survey system as its main differentiators:

    • speed in providing technical support in the form of implementation of additional personalized functions
    • high quality customer service
    • ability to obtain insight data resulting from the survey

    The cooperation with the Vivelio team went very well. They served their knowledge and experience by assisting us in creating the questionnaire. We also highly appreciate their approach to the client. In a very short period of time they were able to introduce the new functionality we asked for into the system so that the survey would serve its purpose even better.

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    Mariusz Potępa


    INKO Consulting