Evaluating customer satisfaction at SUPERSONIC

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    About the customer


    SUPERSONIC specializes in creating simple, natural foods and beverages with a primary focus on delivering products that positively impact health, well-being, and provide energy. SUPERSONIC’s products serve as rich sources of natural ingredients, adaptogens, and superfoods, carefully selected to complement each other and offer maximum health benefits.

    The company bridges the gap between science and nature by leveraging the latest scientific research and natural discoveries to craft innovative products. SUPERSONIC believes that food and beverages should not only be delicious but also nourishing and healthy. Consequently, the company prioritizes delivering exceptional taste experiences and health benefits through its products.


    Research area


    A survey conducted at SUPERSONIC aimed to assess customer satisfaction and analyze their needs. This endeavor improved the company’s understanding of customer expectations and allowed them to align their strategy with these preferences. This positive outcome from the research process provides SUPERSONIC with more precise and effective results, potentially leading to the stability and growth of the company in the future.

    The long-term success of an organization typically depends on understanding and responding to changing customer needs, a goal that the customer satisfaction survey helped SUPERSONIC achieve. By continuously monitoring and evaluating customer satisfaction and adapting their offerings accordingly, the company can maintain its competitiveness and thrive in the market.




    The survey identified factors that were previously overlooked and were revealed during its course, thanks to well-crafted questions and clear responses. During the questionnaire creation, it was noted that some questions were unclear or did not provide significant information. Thanks to valuable feedback, the questionnaire was optimized by eliminating redundant questions and adding those critical to understanding customer satisfaction.




    Following the survey, SUPERSONIC received a detailed data analysis, enabling them to efficiently extract essential insights from the collected materials. This empowered the company to gain a more profound understanding of their customers’ needs.

    SUPERSONIC expressed satisfaction with the survey results and, as part of the collaboration, received not only the analysis but also a personalized questionnaire and technical support. This comprehensive service aided the company in fully leveraging the benefits of the survey. Furthermore, SUPERSONIC expressed a willingness to continue this collaboration.




    A representative from SUPERSONIC highlighted several key strengths of the Vivelio tool, including:

    • The innovation of the tool resulted from the cooperation of the scientific community and specialized engineers.
    • The ability to map the decision path of the subjects using behavioral indexes, which, combined with accurate analysis, guarantees high confidence in the data obtained.
    • Cooperation with the Vivelio team, flexibility, and experience, contributed significantly to the success of the project.

    In an effort to streamline the process, we decided to try a survey tool – Vivelio. Its greatest advantage is the ability to reconstruct the decision path of respondents thanks to behavioral indexes. This caught our attention, as we had not found a similar tool on the market.

    We found that the answers provided, combined with accurate analysis, indeed guarantee high confidence in the data received. This allows for a better assessment of recruits from the very beginning of conducting the process. We rate the cooperation with the Vivelio team very highly. The company, with its experience and high flexibility towards our expectations, contributed significantly to the final success. Advantageous cooperation with the Vivelio team makes us strongly recommend using this tool.

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    Chris Kozak