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    About the customer


    Useme is a platform that has been in existence since 2013, which allows principals to find and bill their subcontractors, and freelancers to get new assignments, invoice without the need for their own company, and secure their compensation in a contract with a new client.


    Research area


    Useme representatives sought to find out how many clients regularly use their services and solicit feedback on the various stages of interaction with the company, from initial contact to service delivery.


    Course of the survey


    As part of the survey conducted, a personalized research questionnaire was prepared and sent to a group of 5,000 Useme users. Within a week, as many as 8% of the respondents went through the survey from start to finish and left feedback on the product.




    Initial assumptions about the level of responsiveness of the survey participants were about 1-2%. The result from the customer satisfaction survey, conducted with the Vivelio tool, was impressive. Users provided Useme with valuable feedback, which made it possible to look in more detail at both the strengths and weaknesses of the tool. The results of the survey contributed significantly to the identification of areas that could further enhance the quality of the product.




    One of the key differentiators of the tool identified by the company representative was the engaging survey questionnaire that was prepared as part of the study. Thanks to an interesting formula and a properly prepared form, the survey allowed us to collect high-quality feedback, which was very important for further work on developing the tool’s functionality.




    Challenges the company faced before the survey was launched were the low percentage of email opens and survey forms. In addition, a small proportion of customers did not complete the survey due to boredom or the incorrect form of the questionnaire. Also key was the lack of a single survey tool to collect insightful data and analyze it in the next stage.

    Vivelio is an amazing survey tool! I am pleased with the results of our customer satisfaction survey. What’s more, the tool also provided us with valuable behavioral data that expanded our ability to analyze the results.

    The Vivelio team are professionals who were with us from the beginning to the end of the first survey. Always available, they responded quickly and made the entire experience seamless.

    I would confidently recommend Vivelio to any company looking for a modern consumer survey tool! Thanks to Vivelio, Useme was able to obtain valuable information and understand the opinion of our customers in an efficient and professional manner.

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    Natalia Zielińska

    Head of Marketing