Employee satisfaction survey at NICO company 

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    About the customer


    NICO is a network of footwear and clothing stores that offer a complete fashion range for the entire family, emphasizing a strong balance between the quality of Italian products and their price. They offer products from well-known and highly regarded brands. 

     In Poland, there are two NICO stores located in Modlnica near Krakow, and Swadzim near Poznan. The total number of employees in both stores is approximately 100. 


    Research area


    The objective of the survey was to measure the level of employee satisfaction at NICO Company. The survey covered all areas of their daily work, from overall well-being in the company to the evaluation of specific daily tasks, communication, and teamwork. 




    The survey was conducted separately in two branches – Krakow and Poznan. The participants were representatives from two departments – clothing and footwear. Within these departments, individuals working in office positions, warehouse roles, and customer service in the store were surveyed. 




    The results of the survey conducted indicated that there is overall job satisfaction among team members at NICO Company. Strong points of the company were observed, such as team atmosphere, management by the leadership team, and task organization during the workday. 

    The analysis of the consolidated results from both branches and the subsequent comparison with the results from Krakow and Poznan proved to be extremely valuable. This analysis allowed for an assessment of which aspects of work are rated higher in each of these areas. 

     Employees were also asked about areas they believed needed improvement. Only 12% of respondents answered this question. By comparing the results from both branches, the major challenges for both groups were identified. 




    • Vivelio is a tool that can contribute to improving not only employee satisfaction but also the overall efficiency of the team. Data from the surveys conducted allows for in-depth analysis and improvement of various aspects within the company. 
    • The tool is equipped with high-quality technical support, which is crucial, especially in the initial stages of its implementation in the company. 
    • The versatility of the product was evident during its presentation. Vivelio is a tool that can be utilized in many areas of the company’s operations, resulting in streamlining various processes and obtaining essential data for market and employee analyses. 

    Cooperation with the Vivelio team was conducted at the highest level. Efficient communication, great flexibility in adapting to our needs and technical support deserved special mention. The response to questions that arose and the need for support in various aspects was immediate. Thanks to the assistance of the Vivelio team, the survey was conducted efficiently and transparently for the respondents. Nivalit staff created a personalized survey for us, helped with the technical aspects of conducting the survey, and prepared a report with analytical findings from the survey.

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    Adam Piekara

    Executive vice president