Vibrand customer satisfaction assessment 

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    About the customer


    Vibrand is a small film studio specializing in the production of promotional videos and business-to-business (B2B) video marketing. The company’s goal is to develop and improve the level of quality of services offered in the business area.


    Research area


    Vibrand decided to use the Vivelio tool to conduct a customer satisfaction survey after a completed film project. The purpose of the survey was to find out both the strengths and weaknesses of the service, but also opportunities for development and improvement of the customer contact process.




    Vibrand’s co-founder Martyna Goździuk reported to us that she had never before used a company with a survey tool or survey service provider. She had no prior experience, which further affected her perception of both the survey and the process of conducting it.

    The purpose of the survey was to obtain information from customers such as:

    • sources of customer acquisition,
    • evaluation of the sales process and production,
    • meeting the goals set by the customer.


    Questionnaire preparation


    The preparation of the questionnaire was a joint effort between Vibrand representatives and the Vivelio team, who, based on their already accumulated experience, provided valuable guidance to the representatives.

    The finished questionnaire was delivered to customers, via a link included in an email. This allowed them to share their opinion about the service right after the completion.

    The questionnaires were anonymous to ensure that customers were free to respond. Above all, the company cared about reliable feedback that would allow it to make possible changes in the area of the service process.




    Thanks to the collected responses, the company gained information about its strengths, and also discovered areas for improvement that customers had never mentioned before after the cooperation. Conducting the survey allowed a detailed verification of the company’s customer service beliefs, as well as the quality of the services provided.

    Thanks to the survey, the company now has data, both confirming and questioning the validity of the assumed theses. Based on these, the company plans to develop healthier sales and customer service processes.




    The research process allowed Vibrand to draw several conclusions about Vivelio’s survey tool:

    • Vivelio team support: High-quality support was evident throughout the research process, accompanying each step of the process both as technical and content support.
    • Initiative for tool development: A high level of involvement by the team in opportunities to solicit input on any modifications and improvements was noticeable, clearly indicating that team members cared about customer feedback and satisfaction.

    Vivelio’s team accompanied us throughout the entire process. From the delivery and consultation of the questionnaire, to any questions already in the survey stage. The team was attentive to our company’s experience while using the tool, and every inquiry about functionality and suggestions for possible improvements were received with great gratitude and readiness to explore the possibility of their implementation.


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    Martyna Goździuk