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    About the customer


    Lighthouse is a small HR company operating in the field of recruitment and headhunting. The company bases its HR activities on three areas. These include clerical, sales, and engineering positions.


    Research area


    Recruitment company Lighthouse decided to use the Vivelio tool to conduct a preliminary verification of knowledge and logical thinking skills in candidates participating in internal recruitment. The study focused on assessing the following skills:

    • candidate engagement in the testing process,
    • responsiveness to the tests sent,
    • logical thinking skills,
    • ability to associate facts based on questions from different fields.




    The research process began with the creation of a questionnaire by a recruiter from Lighthouse. The questionnaire was then given to potential candidates interested in working for the company. The survey went off without a hitch, and the answers provided by the candidates provided important information regarding their general knowledge and commitment.

    A key stage in the process was the analysis of the survey results, which was enriched by interviews with candidates and analysis of submitted resumes.




    The result of the activities carried out was an understanding of the scope of candidates’ general knowledge and an assessment of their logical thinking skills. Lighthouse achieved its goal of an effective and efficiently conducted survey, which gained a positive perception among the parties involved.




    The research process allowed Lighthouse to draw several conclusions about Vivelio’s survey tool:

    • Streamlining larger recruitment processes: Vivelio’s questionnaire can be an effective “filter” in larger recruitment processes, helping to optimize the recruitment team’s time.
    • Supporting recruitment from advertisements: This tool is useful for recruitment based on advertisements, helping to verify candidate engagement.

    The cooperation with Vivelio went off without a hitch. Maciej Wszółkowski, responsible for the pilot processes, was extremely quick to respond, and our cooperation was seamless. Vivelio’s tool proved extremely valuable during the recruitment process, and we are confident that it can be useful in other industries as well.


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    Bartosz Szajkowski