What won’t a dissatisfied customer tell you? – Satisfaction survey

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The path to success for companies is not just about providing products or services. Fully understanding customers also plays a key role. Customer surveys not only integrate into business strategy, but become an indispensable part of it, enabling entrepreneurs to learn about consumer needs. Every experienced entrepreneur realizes that an unhappy customer is a challenge, but at the same time can be an invaluable source of guidance on areas for improvement. Want to learn how to effectively obtain and use this information?


Lack of loyalty among customers – What does it result from?


According to data from the Gallup Institute, customers who operate in the B2B field now show significantly less loyalty than they did a few years ago. This trend means that as many as 71% of them are ready to change suppliers at any time. Unfortunately, only a few of these dissatisfied customers choose to communicate directly with the company to express their comments or share the reasons for their dissatisfaction.

One of the key challenges in the area of customer service is that customers do not always clearly express their expectations. They may do so for a variety of reasons, such as fear of confronting customer service or believing that their expectations are too high. A customer service approach is not limited to responding to comments or complaints. Effective customer relationship management requires actively monitoring, understanding and adapting to changing customer needs, even those not explicitly articulated.


A dissatisfied customer does not return


Accenture’s findings reveal that as many as 68% of customers who have decided to abandon a particular company do not intend to return to that company ever again. This finding underscores the profound impact that a negative experience or dissatisfaction can have on business relationships and the propensity of customers to decide to abandon a trusted company.

It’s worth noting that this high number can be due to a variety of factors, such as lack of satisfaction with the products or services offered, inadequate customer service, or competitive market proposals. Regardless of the reason, this result signals that regaining customers after losing their trust and satisfaction becomes a task of great difficulty.


Turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one


There is a clear difference between a customer who is not satisfied and one who has decided to leave. Statistics show that despite some irregularities, a customer can remain further loyal by making further purchases or using the company’s services. However, for this to happen, a quick response to the problem is necessary. Failures do not always derail the entire history of cooperation. Mistakes inevitably happen. Therefore, the key is to respond skillfully to irregularities that occur and to effectively prevent future issues.


Customer satisfaction survey


The undisclosed expectations of dissatisfied customers is an area that requires detailed investigation. The emergence of irregularities arising from the quality of a product or service makes it necessary to conduct surveys and interviews with dissatisfied customers. Having this knowledge is the foundation for flexibly adjusting the company’s offerings to the actual needs of customers.

Customers’ experiences of purchasing, using products or services, are often varied. Unfortunately, they are not always reflected in the available reviews. Customers tend to focus on one aspect, overlooking other important elements. Conducting surveys that focus on the comprehensive customer experience provides a deeper understanding of what really affects customer satisfaction.


Customer opinion survey – Vivelio


Factors such as minor shortcomings or deficiencies in the area of customer service have the potential to influence customers’ decisions about whether to stay or leave. Performing surveys among regular customers becomes crucial in identifying potential problems before they escalate. Find out how to perform a satisfaction survey using Vivelio‘s survey tool. Try the option to create insight surveys for free and gain an additional layer of information.


Comprehensive service – Satisfaction survey


Effective customer relationship management is not just about responding to comments or complaints. The key to success is proactive monitoring, understanding and adapting to changing customer needs. Even those that have not been explicitly formulated. It is worth noting that lack of customer loyalty, especially in the B2B area, requires a sophisticated strategy to minimize the risk of customer loss. Customer surveys, especially among dissatisfied customers, are becoming a key tool to identify areas for improvement and effective preventive measures. Taking care of the customer, even in the face of dissatisfaction, not only strengthens the relationship, but also builds the foundation for the company’s long-term success.