Building brand image: Storytelling in business

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Brand awareness is the degree to which consumers know and understand a brand. It includes not only logo or name recognition, but also the associations and emotions the brand evokes. Despite rising prices and inflation, consumers are still eager to buy products from brands they trust. Storytelling and building strong relationships between a brand and its audience play a significant role in this. Learn how you can build a lasting brand image through storytelling tools and the power of emotional communication.


How to build a brand image?


One of the most significant factors influencing brand perception by consumers is brand awareness. Let’s examine this issue with examples from several powerful companies that have mastered of building an image using well-known marketing techniques, including storytelling.

  • Apple: Innovation, design, fan loyalty – The Apple brand is synonymous with innovation, design, and excellent quality. Brand awareness is extremely high, and consumers associate Apple with innovative products. The company doesn’t just sell products. It also builds a community of fans, which translates into strong customer loyalty.
  • Coca-Cola: Joy, Holidays, Shared Moments – Coca-Cola is an example of a brand that creates a culture around a product. This brand is associated with joy, holidays, and shared moments. A long-running marketing campaign has made Coca-Cola an integral part of many events and traditions.
  • Mercedes-Benz: Luxury, Prestige, Advanced Technology – Mercedes-Benz, a luxury car brand, builds awareness based on a long tradition, quality, and prestige. The company effectively creates an image associated with comfort, elegance, and advanced technology.


Brand recognition allows customers to become familiar with a brand or product through various activities such as promotions, advertising, social media and other communication channels. An effective brand awareness strategy helps distinguish it from the competition. For many brands, the level of brand awareness is closely related to purchase considerations—the more consumers are aware of a brand or product, the more likely they are to consider purchasing it.


Building brand awareness — Storytelling


Building a brand image is essential for attracting attention and gaining customer loyalty. One of the most effective tools in this area is the art of storytelling – skillful storytelling, the purpose of which is not only to inform but above all to emotionally engage the audience. Brands that effectively communicate their mission and values often attract customers’ attention. Telling stories related to social involvement, environmental protection or charitable initiatives helps build a positive brand image that goes beyond mere sales.


How company can build an emotion-based image?


Using a well-known carbonated beverage brand as an example, we can see that the image is not just a product but an entire story. This brand creates ads focusing on emotions and values rather than just the product. For example, their Christmas campaigns typically tell touching stories about community and holiday joy, building a positive brand image associated with positive emotions. The company has created iconic ads that have gone down in history, such as the commercial featuring a massive truck and Santa Claus. These ads not only promote the product but convey deeper values and emotions. Building an image based on emotions and customer attachment is especially applicable in the B2C sector, where storytelling plays a key role and purchasing decisions are made emotionally.


How to check if image-building marketing activities are successful?


Brand awareness research allows companies to assess how effectively they are identified and associated with their target audience. This is a key part of building a strong market presence and shaping a positive brand image. Conduct surveys to better understand the opinions of current and potential customers, and monitor current market trends and the reception of your ads. Utilize survey creation tools like Vivelio, taking advantage of its features and innovative solutions, such as perform detailed analysis by tracking the decision path and behavioral indexes. To learn how to conduct market research using surveys, click here.


Storytelling in brand image building — Is it worth it?


Building positive associations and emotions related to a brand is not just about advertising products. It is also about creating authentic relationships with customers. Companies that effectively manage brand awareness reap both financial benefits and gain customer loyalty for years to come.