How to improve employees’ English language skills?

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Regardless of the industry, an increasing number of businesses are realizing that excellent English language skills among employees are a key element in achieving international success. How can this skill be effectively improved within a team? The key to success lies in a systematic assessment of language competencies and adapting strategies to the individual needs of employees. Discover how to implement strategies that support employees in their development in a straightforward manner.


Assessment of competencies – What is the language skills level of your team?


Before initiating actions to improve English language skills within the team, it is crucial to have a precise understanding of the current level of competence of each employee. This can be achieved through an assessment of language competencies, the results of which will identify areas for improvement and allow the customization of training strategies to individual needs. Conduct a test on the Vivelio platform to identify the specific language proficiency challenges your employees are facing.

Remember that each employee is unique, and therefore, they may encounter different difficulties than other team members. Creating a survey allows you not only to summarize the points obtained in the questionnaire but also to determine which questions proved too complex for respondents or required internet assistance. An additional layer of information in the form of behavioral indexes will further enhance your assessment of the team members’ proficiency levels and provide support where required.


Individual training planning


After assessing the language competencies of each employee, proceed to individual training planning. Since each employee may have different areas that require improvement, tailored training is essential. This could involve online courses, individual lessons with a teacher, or even participation in international conferences and training sessions conducted in English. The survey provides insights into what your employees need and expect from the selected training format.


Daily practice in the work environment – Strengthening English proficiency in the team


An effective way to enhance English proficiency in the workplace is to introduce daily practice. This can include communication in English during meetings, writing reports or emails in English, and using English-language educational materials. A consistent work environment in English will make employees more confident and improve their communication skills. Encouraging the use of English in daily work situations, such as meetings or communication with clients, can integrate learning into daily professional life.


Monitoring progress and regular assessment of English proficiency


In the process of improving English skills, monitoring progress and regular assessment are crucial. This allows for adjusting training strategies as required and rewarding employees for their efforts and achievements. Open communication about progress can also motivate others to actively participate in the learning process.

Improving English proficiency in a team of employees is a commitment that requires engagement from both employees and management. Effective competency assessment, customized training, daily practice, and support from corporate culture are key elements in achieving success in this field. Investing in the development of language skills will bring benefits both at the individual and corporate levels, paving the way for global success. Want to learn more? Click here to find out how to assess the effectiveness of online training.