Inferring from Surveys: Your team’s organization’s culture

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Organization’s culture is one of the key elements of success for any company. The values, norms, and beliefs adopted within the organization have a significant impact on employee behavior and the overall workplace atmosphere. In today’s article, we will take a closer look at what organization’s culture is exactly and how to properly foster its development. Keep reading to learn more.


What is an organization’s culture?


Before we dive into designing and conducting surveys, it’s important to understand what organizational culture really is. Organizational culture is a collection of values, norms, beliefs, and customs that shape the behaviors and attitudes of employees within a company. It’s like the “personality” of the organization, determining what behaviors are acceptable and expected in the workplace.


The organization’s culture – Defining organizational values


The foundation of building a coherent organizational culture is defining the values that are crucial for your company. These values serve as the basis upon which all actions and decisions can be built. Organizational values should be clearly articulated and known to all employees.


Survey design – Assessing the organization’s culture


Survey design is a crucial stage in the process of assessing employee satisfaction levels and examining organizational culture. Surveys prepared by the HR team allow employees to express their opinions about the current culture and values. Survey questions should be carefully thought out, addressing both the overall perception of organizational culture and specific situations or behaviors. It’s also important to include questions regarding the alignment of organizational values with actual actions to ensure that the values identified by employees in surveys align with official declarations.


Survey Research – Vivelio


Maximizing the potential of surveys involves more than just analyzing a few questions. It relies on advanced survey tools, such as the Vivelio survey platform, which, in addition to standard analyses, allows for the use of behavioral indexes, among other features. The decision path that respondents take when answering survey questions provides additional data that can significantly impact the interpretation of results.


Survey Research – The organization’s culture within the team


After designing the surveys, it’s time to conduct them within the team. It’s important to ensure confidentiality for employees and encourage them to provide honest responses. Employees should feel comfortable expressing their opinions, even if they are critical of the current organizational culture.


Results Analysis – Vivelio survey research


After collecting surveys, the next step is to analyze the results. Identifying areas where there is alignment between organizational values and actual actions is crucial. Equally important is identifying potential discrepancies and areas that require improvement. Results analysis will help understand to what extent the organizational culture is truly aligned with the values.


Corrective Actions – Cultivating the right organization’s culture


Based on the survey results, it’s important to take specific actions to strengthen the organizational culture. These actions can include various initiatives, such as employee education, the introduction of new programs, or changes in internal communication. The key is to ensure that these actions align with the defined values and contribute to building the desired culture.




Organizational culture is not just an abstract concept; it’s a crucial element of every company. Team surveys can help understand the actual values and norms in the organization and determine what actions are needed to align the declared culture with reality. Building a consistent organizational culture requires commitment and efforts on multiple fronts, but can bring significant benefits to both employees and the company as a whole. Want to learn more about the possibilities of using the Vivelio survey tool? Check out how to assess the competencies of your team members through insight analysis.