How to use survey tools in rebranding process?

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Rebranding, the process of changing a company’s or product’s image and visual identity, is unquestionably a crucial element of marketing strategy. Owners of renowned brands that have been on the market for years regularly subject many aspects of their brands to the rebranding process as evidence of the need to update certain elements of their strategy and product. As the range of products and services expands, it is also essential to ensure consistency in brand communication, image, and graphics. How to conduct rebranding effectively and thereby increase product sales? Read on.


Rebranding is not just about changing a logo


Despite the common association of rebranding with modifying logos and visual elements, it should be emphasized that it is a much more complex process. Brand modernization can encompass a wide range of issues that contribute to improving a brand’s position in the market and refreshing the company’s image in the eyes of consumers, such as changing the target customer group and advertising message. If improperly executed, it can also lead to a decrease in brand recognition or consumer disillusionment.

Issues with poorly executed changes in visual identity also affect highly positioned brands, such as the clothing brand GAP, which struggled with significant losses a few years ago due to a poorly executed rebranding process. The new GAP logo was not positively received by consumers, who failed to embrace the new graphic design.


Planning the brand modernization process


Planning the rebranding process is a key aspect of its implementation in an organization. Effective rebranding requires careful planning and well-thought-out steps, including understanding customer expectations and opinions. This is the first and one of the most important steps. Why? Customers are the ultimate users of the product or service, and their opinions and expectations should shape the changes. Survey tools allow you to thoroughly understand customer opinions about the current brand, which is key to effective rebranding.


Using survey tools in the rebranding process


Survey tools play a crucial role in the rebranding process. They enable the company to collect opinions and feedback from its current and potential customers and gain a better understanding of the goals and values that the new brand should represent. Through market research, companies can avoid losses resulting from changes that are not accepted by consumers.

An example of a tool worth using during market research is Vivelio, a survey platform that allows for insight analysis of research results.

Why use survey tools?

  • Collecting customer data: Survey tools like Vivelio enable quick and efficient data collection from both existing and potential customers.
  • Assessing customer opinions and expectations: Surveys allow for a detailed examination of customer opinions about the current brand, products, services, and expectations for future changes.
  • Audience segmentation: Through survey tools, you can precisely determine which customer groups have different needs and expectations, making it easier to tailor the rebranding to different segments.


The effectiveness of rebranding


Rebranding is a process that can bring many benefits if conducted thoughtfully and with consideration of customer opinions. Survey tools, such as Vivelio, can significantly facilitate this process by providing valuable information and helping to better understand customers. Therefore, we encourage you to take action and experiment with surveys to improve your rebranding. With them, you will be able to adjust your strategy to real customer needs and expectations, contributing to the success of your rebranding.