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Vivelio Experience gives greater quality and precision in market research:

  • Marketing 5.0 understood as choosing the right marketing strategy through synergy between the power of artificial intelligence and marketing experts
  • Market research extended by an analysis of unconscious trends
  • Gaining in-depth knowledge of brand perceptions
  • Reaching the true sentiment of opinion polls
  • Accurate assessment of the effectiveness of public relations actions taken
  • Avoiding erroneous conclusions by being able to exclude responses with a low reliability index from the analysis
  • Customer satisfaction surveys based on in-depth layers of customer responses
  • Increasing the effectiveness of research in preparation for a new product launch

The groundbreaking approach to survey research proposed by the Vivelio tool is to provide an additional layer of information from the questionnaire completed. These are interpreted by means of:

  • Vivelio Behavioral Indexes
    • Diligence Index
    • Certainty Index
    • Focus index
    • Fluctuation Outcome
  • Vivelio Insight Answers, which allow the respondent’s decision-making process to be retraced
  • Vivelio Behavioral AI for predictive analysis and data modelling
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Vivelio Experience means:

The choice of appropriate marketing strategies through the effective development of marketing 5.0.

Exploiting acquired precise knowledge of customer needs and expectations

Data collection with an additional layer of information on response patterns

Adapting the company to the current trends by learning about the behavior of the respondent

Fostering effective brand awareness activities

Improving the effectiveness of marketing by making changes and improvements based on the results obtained

More data to improve the quality and accuracy of marketing analysis services

Accessibility to respondents through a variety of distribution streams

The Vivelio platform including Vivelio Behavioural Intelligence was developed in collaboration with a team of experts in clinical psychiatry and psychology.

Data security is ensured by the procedures defined in the quality management system certified to PN-EN ISO 13485:2016

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