Medical marketing: How to evaluate campaign results?

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New opportunities associated with the development of the medical and pharmaceutical sectors also bring a challenge – increasing competition in the medical sector and the increasingly difficult assessment of evaluation of campaign results. Companies that aim to reach specialists are forced to take the step of analyzing communication channels where doctors and pharmacists are active and aligning their advertisements with existing regulations.

Promotion based on representative visits is no longer sufficient, and the form and location of communication in the digital realm are becoming more effective. Find out how to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign using the Vivelio survey tool. Evaluation of campaign results has never been easier. Create surveys before and after the campaign to enjoy the results of insight analysis.


Setting the campaign objectives for specialists


When launching a marketing campaign in the medical field, it is crucial to determine what you want to achieve. Is the goal to increase product awareness, boost conversion rates, or build lasting customer relationships? Without clearly defined objectives, it is challenging to assess the campaign’s effectiveness.


Selecting advertising effectiveness metrics and placement


After defining the goals, it’s important to focus on selecting the appropriate metrics for measuring effectiveness and the right places to display ads. In the case of medical marketing, specialists often visit specialized industry portals, so that’s where you should concentrate your efforts. It’s also essential to choose measurable metrics, such as increased website traffic, the number of conversions (e.g., webinar registrations or informational material downloads), or an increase in potential customer contacts.


Tracking website traffic – Evaluating campaign of results


When the campaign is underway, it’s crucial to monitor how many people visit the landing page with the advertisement. Using web analytics tools, you can track this traffic from the campaign launch. Then, compare this data with pre-campaign data to see if there has been any increase. This will help you assess whether the advertisement is attracting specialists’ attention and generating traffic on the website.


Consumer opinion research – Vivelio


In addition to numerical data, it’s valuable to investigate how the campaign has influenced the perception of the brand or product among specialists. Surveying to collect opinions from customers can provide valuable information, especially when utilizing the insight analysis capabilities available in the Vivelio survey system. Try out the Vivelio survey tool for free and see how behavioral indexes and the decision path work.

Monitor how many people have taken the desired action, such as reviewing marketing materials created as part of the campaign and answering questions that customers could find answers to in the promotional materials used to promote the product.


Comparing with previous results – Evaluating the campaign of results


Once you have collected data from the current campaign, it’s worth comparing it with the results of previous activities or the period without advertising. This will allow you to see if the campaign has indeed influenced the results achieved. If you notice a significant improvement, that’s a good sign, but if the results are not satisfactory, it may be necessary to rethink your strategy.


Optimizing the campaign for doctors and pharmacists


Based on the gathered data, you can move on to optimizing the campaign. This is the stage where you make any necessary changes to increase its effectiveness. This may involve adjusting ad content, changing promotion channels, or improving the offer to better meet specialists’ needs.


Evaluation of campaign results


Measuring advertising effectiveness in medical marketing is a crucial element in refining campaigns. By setting goals, choosing appropriate metrics, tracking website traffic, surveying specialists’ opinions, and comparing results with the period without advertising, you can effectively assess the outcomes of your actions. Evaluating campaign results requires commitment and consistency in carrying out planned activities. Optimizing campaigns based on collected data will help you achieve even better results and target advertising precisely where your potential customers are. Want to know more? Check it out.