How to eliminate recruitment errors?

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How often do recruitment errors occur and how can they be avoided? Are there tools that can increase the chances of successful recruitment? Discover five benefits of using Vivelio – a Behavioral Intelligence-based survey platform. 


How often do recruitment errors occur? 

 Recruitment is said to be an ongoing process. It is key to the proper functioning of any company. However, the recruitment process is often fraught with the risk of misjudging candidates. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn (Global Recruiting Trends 2016), as many as 85% of employers admitted that their company experienced a “failed recruitment” in the last year. Meanwhile, a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (Human Capital Benchmarking Report, 2016) found that on average, the recruitment process takes 36 days and costs employers about $4,129 per position. 


Supporting the recruitment process with a survey system based on artificial intelligence 

 How can this situation be improved? Vivelio comes to the rescue – an innovative survey system based on artificial intelligence. The platform enables the collection of behavioral data about the decision making process of the subjects. As a very versatile tool, it supports the evaluation of candidates in the recruitment process effectively. Vivelio gathers information on how candidates make decisions, how they react to different situations, such as working under time pressure. This is an additional layer of information that allows for a better understanding of candidate behavior during recruitment. 


Benefits of using Vivelio in the recruitment process 

 Here are 5 ways Vivelio will impact your recruitment efforts! 

  • Thanks to the use of Vivelio Behavioral Indexes, Vivelio enables the proper selection of candidate competencies according to the needs of the organization. This increases the chances of the best possible match of candidates for positions and increases their effectiveness at work. 
  • The point system of the tool allows for the creation of a survey to assess the candidate’s knowledge in each field. 
  • Vivelio allows for the exclusion of people from the selection process who, despite participating in recruitment, are not really interested in getting the job. Thanks to the Reliability Index, Vivelio optimize s recruiters’ work time. It is esspecially important in large organizations where there are many candidates. 
  • Vivelio also affects the company’s image as an employer. By using modern tools, potential candidates see that the company is innovative and cares about the quality of the recruitment process. This in turn attracts the best specialists to it. 
  • Vivelio is the perfect tool for the entire recruitment process conducted only remotely, when there is no possibility of evaluating the candidate in a face-to-face meeting. 


The recruitment process is one of the key processes in the HR area. It is worth optimizing this process by using modern tools.