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Vivelio Team will boost the daily work of HR professionals:​

  • during recruitment: the right competences according to the organisation’s needs, reliable feedback, efficiency of the process (read more)

  • in finding the right people for management positions in the changing leadership paradigm: insight into employee potential, need for social and cognitive competences in leaders, Leadership 5.0 (read more)

  • looking for ways to motivate employees effectively: decreasing employee engagement, reliable satisfaction assessment (read more)

  • mapping out staff career paths: identifying potential, retaining talent, employee development taking into account competencies (read more)

  • countering employee burnout by identifying symptoms of stress and other negative emotions: identifying sources of stress and understanding and eliminating factors leading to burnout (read more)

The groundbreaking approach to survey research proposed by the Vivelio tool is to provide an additional layer of information from the questionnaire completed. These are interpreted by means of:

  • Vivelio Behavioral Indexes
    • Diligence Index
    • Certainty Index
    • Focus index
    • Fluctuation Outcome
  • Vivelio Insight Answers, which allow the respondent’s decision-making process to be retraced
  • Vivelio Behavioral AI for predictive analysis and data modelling
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Vivelio Team stands for:

Effective recruitment of people with the required competence profile, reliable feedback from the recruitment process

Identifying for leadership positions individuals with the desired set of social and cognitive competencies

Increase employee engagement through an insight into their behavior and the factors that have a significant impact on them

Identification of latent competence potential based on Vivelio Behavioral Indexes

Identify the employee's true needs and expectations by analysing Intentional Answers

Adapting an employee's career path to their competence profile

Identification of areas that cause stress or are difficult for the employee to accept, so that 'job burnout' can be prevented.

The Vivelio platform including Vivelio Behavioural Intelligence was developed in collaboration with a team of experts in clinical psychiatry and psychology.

Data security is ensured by the procedures defined in the quality management system certified to PN-EN ISO 13485:2016

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